The best way to prepare for your first Spartan training session...

... is to prepare properly the day before you train.

This is especially true if you live in a hot climate. Plan on spending the morning at your local pool, jogging outside, or hitting the gym for some weightlifting. At lunchtime, you will want to fuel up a large meal for a light breakfast and a light evening meal. If you take a day off from training, or the day of, make sure you do all of the workouts on the scheduled day. Otherwise, you’ll end up with sore muscles and a sore butt. The first few weeks in Spartan training will be easy. In just two weeks you will feel like you have been working out 5 days a week! This is where many trainees fall by the wayside. If you get started with the right amount of volume and intensity, your body will make it through.

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It is a matter of sticking to the program and sticking to an intense routine. The first training session will be a little difficult. The training program is tough and intense; the workout is grueling. The real challenge comes after the first few weeks. Remember, there are no cheat days in Spartan training. If you make a mistake during the week, it is your fault. If you don’t push yourself on the workout days, you’ll never see results. After four to six weeks, the training program will get easier. The training sessions will be easier and more manageable. For the first week, you will have to push yourself harder. The second week, you will have to push harder. The third week you will have to push harder still. By the fourth week, you will have pushed yourself at a good pace for most of your training sessions.

push yourself harder

This pace will be more manageable. The weeks after the fourth week will be the easiest. You will have hit your max. This will be the time to have a normal training week or the time to have a long training weekend. In the following weeks, you will be working towards your next training session. This will be the time to push yourself harder. This is a great time to begin a new Spartan training routine. Spartan Training Routine You can expect your first training session to be very difficult. It will be quite a shock to your body. Some of you will be sore. Some of you will not have your strength back. Some of you will be sore and weak. Others of you will be exhausted. After a few weeks of this, however, you will get into the swing of things.